Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coffe Night in Canada

What happens to dyslectic agnostic insomniacs? They lie awake at night wondering if there really is a dog!!!

For many people, morning is just not morning without a cup of coffee to start the day. Although probably few people actually contemplate the origins of their black elixir in the half light of early dawn, it may come as a surprise to some that how their daily caffeine fix made its way from equatorial regions to cafĂ©’s in north central Alberta.

The legend behind the origins of coffee is linked to goat herders in the African country of Ethiopia. Apparently shepherd’s noticed an elevated level of hyperactivity in the livestock following the consumption of coffee leaves and fruit. In fact the word coffee comes from the Kaffa region of Ethiopia where the tale is said to originate.

Although there are ten species of coffee (Caffea) worldwide, there are only two types grown commercially; Robusta (C. canephora) and Arabica (C. Arabica), comprising approximately 30% and 70% of the market respectively.

Robusta plants are not only easier to grow, but they are also resistant to many of the diseases and pests that plague other varieties, making them much cheaper to grow. They also have 50% more caffeine and higher foaming capacity that makes more suitable for specialty coffees. Unfortunately their harsh flavour restricts their use to lower price blends.

Arabica beans produce a smoother coffee with less bitterness but at a premium price. Although Kona coffee from the Hawaiian Islands is one of the most expensive coffees around, it is really just Arabica coffee with a great marketing agency

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